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Problems When Windows XP Tries to Load the Agp440.sys Service

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Last Review : November 4, 2003
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When you install Windows XP, you may experience one or more of the following symptoms:
When you restart your computer, you may be prompted to use the Last Known Good configuration. When you do so, your computer may stop responding (hang) during the restart, and each time you restart thereafter.
You may be prompted to run ScanDisk. When you do so, your computer may stop responding (hang). If you do not run ScanDisk, your computer may start correctly. However you are prompted to run ScanDisk every time you start your computer, and if you do so, your computer may stop responding (hang).
When you restart your computer, your computer may stop responding (hang).
If you try to restart your computer in Safe mode, your computer may stop responding (hang) when Windows XP tries to load the Agp440.sys service.


This issue may occur if Windows XP tries to use an incompatible video driver during startup.


To resolve this issue, disable the Agp440.sys service:

IMPORTANT: You must know the administrator password to complete the following procedure. If you do not know the administrator password, contact your system administrator. After you complete this procedure, any video adapter driver you have installed will be disabled, and Windows XP will use default VGA drivers.
1. Insert the Windows XP installation CD-ROM, and then restart your computer.
2. When the computer starts, press F12.
3. Start your computer from CD-ROM, and make sure that you select the drive that contains the Windows XP installation CD-ROM.
4. In the Microsoft Windows Recovery Console, select R for repair, and then press ENTER.
5. Select the installation number for the problem installation.
6. Type the password for the administrator account of that installation, and then press ENTER. You receive a drive:WINDOWS> prompt, where drive is the drive on which Windows XP is installed.
7. Type listsvc, and then press ENTER.
8. Make sure that the Agp440 service is listed, and that the startup type is set to "Boot".
9. Press ESC.
10. Type disable agp440, and then press ENTER.
11. You receive a message that the registry setting for this service was found, and that its current startup state is "service_disabled".
12. Type exit, and then press ENTER.
13. If you are prompted to start in Safe mode or Normal mode, start in Normal mode.
14. Log on to your computer.
Windows XP includes default video drivers that make it possible for your monitor to work. However, some features may not work as you expect with these default drivers. Update your video drivers periodically. To do so, visit your computer manufacturers Web site, and download the most recent drivers for your video adapter.

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