Start out by creating a new image "200x200 @ 72dpi"

Switch to the channels palette and create a new channel

With the new channel active, apply the Noise filter and
adjust the levels till you get the effect you desire.

Return to the RGB channel and apply the Lighting effects filter

Lighting Source: Directional
Intensity: 20
Focus: 50
Gloss: 100 (shiny)
Material: 75 (plastic)
Exposure: 45
Ambience: 13
Texture Channel: #4
White is high

Now that you have your texture apply offset 100 to
the left and 100 down making sure wraparound is checked.

Once you have applied the Lighting filter you need to color your new
background. To do so, create a new layer and fill with the color you want your background to be

Go to the layer palette and change the Layer Mode to Color Dodge.

All that's left is to add the background tag to your HTML file and enjoy
your new background.