here's a tip from Sid 6.7 This is a cool effect that was inspired by the
"Prodigy: Fat of the land" CD cover... Basically it makes the image look like its moving towards you...
Pic out your favorite picture, (i.e. a car, an animal...) Make sure the image is
in RGB mode. You can check by clicking on Image and then Mode.
Make a quick mask.
Select the area of the image you want to look clear... (i.e. the front of the
car, Quick Mask channel in the Channels palette. head of the animal.) using the laso or marquee tool.
Edit>Fill fill with black 100%, then do Select>None
Apply a gaussian blur arounr 13 or 14, 9 or 10 for small images.
Now use the Brush Strokes>Sprayed Strokes filter. Stroke length 12,
Rad. 7, right diagonal.
Now go back to Standard edit mode.
Inverse your selection.
Apply a radial blur zoom. Amount 40 And there you go!