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Scanner Reference

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Sending Scan Files by E-mail

You can attach scan files to e-mails and send them via connections such as LAN and the Internet.

Sending Scan Files to Folders

Using the Scan to Folder function, you can send scan files over the network to shared folders, FTP server folders, or NetWare folders.

Storing Files Using the Scanner Function

Using the scanner function, you can store scan files in the machine and then send the stored files by e-mail or Scan to Folder.

Delivering Scan Files

Using the ScanRouter delivery software, you can deliver by various methods scan files produced by the machine.

Scanning Originals with the Network TWAIN Scanner

Using the machine, you can scan originals into a client computer over the network.

Various Scan Settings

This section describes various scan settings.


The appendix details specifications of the scanner function and explains supplementary settings.